The Digital Innovation Summit: Live Locally , Learn Globally

Unique Innovations For a Better World – “A challenge intimidating enough is the catalyst for another Potential Achievement” and for a company like ZoftSolutions to continuously drive innovation, we need cross – industry & horizontal collaborations. We conceptualized the first Digital Innovation Summit (DIS), which provides a platform to encourage & showcase unique innovations that create opportunities for a better world.

“Live Locally , Learn Globally”  the first edition, focused on innovations in the field of Education. Dignitaries including Jiji Thomson IAS (Former Chief Secretary, Government of Kerala) and Mohammed Y Safirulla IAS (Ernakulam District Collector) shared their thoughts on how futuristic digital innovations in the field of education can contribute to the betterment of our education system and thereby benefit students globally.

The summit, acted as a co-creation platform that encourages creative minds to produce breakthrough innovations. By Co-Creation, we mean setting the stage for intentional interaction of creative minds from across industries to create a paradigm shift in the respective domains.

There was also a Design Thinking Workshop by an international speaker in the current edition with participants from a varied genre of business. We look forward to evolving DIS as a platform that will encourage Workshops for Innovative Thinking and also one that supports in the metamorphosis of unique ideas that have the potential to influence the change in the system. All this is to create a culture within our eco-system that sparks innovation and induce change.

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