Green Energy Management System

All energy sources have some impact on our environment. Coal, oil, and natural gas are considered fossil fuels and do substantially more harm to the environment than renewable energy sources.  Their environmental impacts include air and water pollution, damage to public health, wildlife and habitat loss, water use, land use, and global warming emissions. Solar energy is a great source of renewable energy and provides substantial benefits to our climate and our health.  With solar power, your home or business uses energy that is clean and has little to no impact on the environment.  These significant environmental benefits are important to the planet and our well-being. This can be otherwise called as Green Energy Management System.

Solar Management is generally conducted in the office rather than in the field. These activities include billing and collections, distributions to investors, incentive compliance, accounting and financial reporting, ITC compliance, technical field dispatch and interface with local authorities.

Beyond the quality installation, is the ongoing monitoring and management of the system. Solar installation & service management companies provide real time reporting coupled with ongoing production tracking to ensure that each solar system is achieving its optimal production.

Solar energy systems need to be proactively managed and maintained to ensure optimal electric production. Each solar system’s Return on Investment (ROI) is maximized by accurately tracking and reporting SREC or DG Contract revenue. Solar installation & service management companies can provide some value-added services as part of turnkey solution, which includes:

  • Tremendous improvement in sales as the prospective customer data is readily available in the system.
  • Diminution in data redundancy as each customer is uniquely identified by registered mobile number.
  • Ability of the system to scale to accommodate any number of schemes
  • Meticulous application tracking is possible with the availability of statuses at fingertips

There are two great aspects for commercial and residential solar systems.  Solar energy benefits the environment and helps you save money as well.  Make the switch to solar and take advantage of its substantial financial benefits such as lower utility bills and increased property value. You will be doing yourself and the environment a favor.

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