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Are you organizing an event or a conference? Do you have a large audience to cater to? Do you think you have all it takes, to organize registrations, badges, manage the attendees DB, those day long conferences with multiple sessions, their food preferences, and other nitty gritty? First of all, congratulations for taking efforts to organize an event. We are sure; it must have been quite a task to think of arranging an event. But arrangements and organizing are not just two words. Being an event or conference organizer, you must perhaps be very good at multi-tasking when under time pressure. Well, nothing new, this has to be done to ensure if everything is in place. And this becomes tedious especially when you’re doing this all by yourself, manually. Especially when it comes to corporate events, academic conference, medical conferences, there are always certain things extra that you need to care about like attendees’ satisfaction, smooth operations so that attendees’ do not find any hiccups in between, and event’s ROI. When all these thoughts clog your mind, an event or conference organizer becomes any event planner’s best friend. Are you already thinking about the Best Delegate Management Software?

Well, you’ve absolutely come to the right place. We at ZoftSolutions are power-packed with industry’s pioneers who have been in the events industry for more than over 2 decades, who knows the in and out of conducting an event, who is well versed with all the hiccups faced by event managers.

Our expert team with their years of experience and understandings from the events industry have come together to create master piece software to support all the event managers and help them achieve their targets.

Our application which has both admin portal supported by mobile app for the end users. We know that not one size fits all and hence, our firm believes in the tagline, “Customer First, Technology Fit”. We provide solutions catering to your need. Read more  to know about us. Contact us for your queries; we are just a call away.

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