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Schools are the place where kids learn some of their best life lessons, earn some good friends, create some of the best memories which will be cherished lifelong. Schools and their working has undergone some massive changes over the period of time. Now Schools are revamping their style of working and even thoughts on School Communication System is now being turned digital.

Gone are the days where, schools print diaries and calendars. People are now becoming more conscious about saving trees and conserving nature. Having said that, e-waste management is still a topic of discussion. But looking into the good side of it, we save trees, save a lot of time, get instant notifications and so on and so forth. One such app is SchoolWizard App. It comes loaded with features helpful for everyone involved in the school from parents to teachers as well as the management. Of-course there are many providers to manage school activities but none of them offer to bridge the actual communication gap that schools are facing between parents and teachers.

This is an application that fills the communication gap between parents, teachers and educators; thereby empowering and enabling parents to be their child’s best friend; teachers can make their students perfect; and the management can run flawlessly. Some of the features include e-diary, tracking your child’s real-time attendance, parents can now easily plan their calendar accordingly so that they don’t miss their child’s big day at school, to plan and attend the PTA meetings, even if they miss it, track the minutes of meeting via app, feel proud and applaud the achievements these little bundles make in their school life, and so much more. For more details please refer to this website:

Do not let yourself and your child feel remote, step up to Digitization.

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