10 Ways How ClubWizard App Can Change your Life!

Most of us live a life that is ruled by certain apps and I’m sure most of us will also agree that we cannot lead a content life without some apps that we love. While Uber ensures we are on time, Facebook keeps us entertained and WhatsApp helps us communicate with our loved ones, no matter what part of the world they are in. Some of these apps have certainly defined and changed our lifestyle and the way we communicate and organize ourselves. ClubWizard App is our solution that brings intra-club communications to the digital age. A pocket friendly mobile app & E-commerce platform that automates Notifications, maintains an Event Calendar, keeps track of Meeting Attendance, Minutes of Meeting, Collects, Tracks, Accounts & Reports on Payment Dues . So now, let’s look at how ClubManagementApp can improve our lives in a variety of ways. 10 Ways How ClubWizardApp Can Change your Life!



Staying organized doesn’t come so easily in this tech savvy era that forces us to deal with a plethora of E-mails, SMS and E-messages from work, friends and social groups that we tend to frequently miss important messages and updates. ClubWizard App’s Inbox feature will help you stay organized with messages by parking and organizing messages from your clubs and organizations in one place. You will no longer have to search for important messages from your flooded phone inbox as ClubWizard’s Inbox will have them sorted for you already!

#2. My Bills

Now, you don’t have to make yourself physically present or run around for paying your membership fees and other dues. With the help of ‘My Bills’, you can easily make payments through our well secured payment gateway using your debit card, credit card or Net Banking facility. It also records all your payments making it easy for you to track your payment history from your phone whenever you wish to J

#3. Meeting

Missed a meeting and wondering what important action items were discussed? We have all gone through this moment and this is why we have the ‘Meeting’ feature built that will help you access the Minutes of the Meeting from your smart phone anytime, anywhere at your convenience. That’s not all. With the help of this feature, you can also track how each of the action items discussed are progressing against timelines. Isn’t that awesome?

#4. Driven By

There are several initiatives a club or an organization works on simultaneously and each initiative is typically led by a team of selected members. If you want to get in touch with a certain team for help, volunteer, gather information or whatsoever, we don’t want you waste time trying to figure out who would be the best person to get in touch with. The ‘Driven by’ feature gives you all relevant information pertaining to a particular initiative and lets you find and connect with the respective management in one touch.

#5. Member Search

Do you want to grow your professional network and create long lasting personal relationships? ‘Member Search’ allows you to easily search, find and connect with members within your local club and across other regions or districts, thereby helping you to grow your network of contacts.


#6. Kudos

What’s life without some appreciation and celebrations? Yes, we would like you to appreciate your co-member when they have achieved a milestone or did something spectacular that deserves a clap. And, we also want others to know what you’ve achieved calling for more celebrations. ClubWizard’s ‘Kudos’ feature can help you do this at ease.

#7. Bulletin

Accessing your club’s bulletin and newsletters has never been so easy. With the help of ClubWizard’s ‘Bulletin’ feature, you can easily archive and review bulletins, newsletters and speeches anywhere on the go!

#8. Special Days

Isn’t it embarrassing when you miss to wish someone you know on their Birthday or Anniversary? It’s even worse when everyone else except you have wished them. We don’t want you to get into such embarrassing moments ever again as the ClubWizard’s ‘Special Days’ feature will send you automated notifications reminding you to wish your fellow members on their Special Days J

#9. Lineage

Wouldn’t it be interesting getting to know your club’s family tree – who was who and when? Do this with the help of our ‘Lineage’ feature.

#10. History

While knowing what your club does currently and what it focuses on for the future are important, we think it’s equally important that you know your club or organization’s history – like who found it and who were part of its core team, what were the intentions with which the club was formed and what were the core values on which it was built etc. The ‘History’ tab within the ClubWizard app will help you achieve this and now, you will know your club’s past just like you know its present and exciting future!

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