Working for a Startup


Startups are a buzzword you often find people talking about. While there are few other terms like #fun #smart #lifechanging #awesomecolleagues #goodies #food #worklife associated with startups. Not all companies are actually run by visionaries like putting one on stock options like Facebook. However, it’s not always fun and frolics with companies next door – there definitely are differences for working for a Startup  firm to the conventional big players that you must’ve worked for.

It is definitely fun to work in such an endeavor. These folks really enjoy what they are doing. There is no such thing called, “this is not a part of my job description!”, known to the resources of this breed. It’s all hands on. We need to get our hands dirty to understand, to do and make other team members do it the right way (which we learn sometimes…umm….many times …the hard way). The team knows what they’re doing and where they’re heading. Now that is what makes our work enjoyable.

When you get an offer from a reputed, high paying well established and branded firm along with an offer from a startup that has just or may be very lately begun, looks like they have a great vision and mission, which one would you choose? I’m sure most of us would think of going the stereotypical way and opt for the former one. When I walked into this office, I was carrying. The warmth, the hospitality, the greetings were just incomparable. The company gave me the confidence to work and moreover tried to bring the best out of me. And at that moment, I realized and made my call.

With role, come responsibilities. Especially when you have a small team, you might have to put in more time and efforts to something that your skill set supports and might end up doing more, eventually… learning more. Our works get recognized and so will our failures be, but again don’t we all make mistakes and learn from them? We start developing and shaping a new culture, now isn’t that exciting to be part of? Taking your company to new heights… Something that we can proudly carry with ourselves – the knowledge that we gain, the amount of experience that comes along, the value-adds to not just the company but to our personality and the best of all- the satisfaction gained out of it….. No one can steal that from us.


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